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Station Directory

Station information is automatically retrieved from Winlink and organized by proximity based on your current location. Add custom stations for peer-to-peer connections.

Peer-to-peer connections are outbound only.


Add stations to your favorites list and quickly access them by modes and bands as desired.

Radio Aware

Pair with a VARA modem or packet KISS modem via WiFi or Bluetooth. Setup radio CAT control through rigctld.

RadioMail requires a running instance of VARA modem to be available. For packet mode, Mobilinkd and DireWolf packet modems are supported.


Extend your range by configuring up to two digipeaters to be used when connecting in packet or VARA FM mode.


Access the camera directly or attach pictures from the photo library. Images are automatically optimized to reduce the transmission time.


Compose and view 100+ standard Winlink forms. GPS coordinates are pre-filled based on your location. Received forms are sharable and printable as PDFs.

Require additional subscription.


Tap into the internal GPS to automatically provide accurate location with your messages and forms. Post your position to the APRS network.


Preview attachments and annotate images. Access files locally or in iCloud. Attached files can be saved or shared via other apps.


Automatically receive messages when RadioMail is in the background. Get notification alerts when new messages come in.

Limited to telnet connections only.


Lookup contacts from the address book and access their email addresses when composing messages.

Flexible Addresses

Send or receive messages with tactical addresses or secondary accounts. Seamlessly address Winlink and internet recipients.

Discover RadioMail

Take a tour of RadioMail and learn the story behind its creation from the developer!


Play well with others.

RadioMail is compatible with the following systems.

Client Applications

Winlink Express




RMS Packet

RMS Trimode


Modems & TNCs *

Mobilinkd TNC3

Mobilinkd TNC4

Dire Wolf software TNC

Soundmodem software TNC

VARA FM software modem

VARA HF software modem

Radios *


* for best performance, always update your device to the latest firmware available.

YouTube Reviews

Loved by leading operators.

YouTube - RadioMail Winlink for iPhone

“RadioMail is a gorgeous app allowing us Winlink connections on the iPhone. Compatible with the Mobilinkd TNC, direwolf, VARA FM, and VARA HF.”

YouTube - Winlink on iPhone & iPad with RadioMail - Setup and Use, email on the GO!

“My new favorite ham radio app is RadioMail. Since I always have my iPhone on me, I can take a small radio pouch and retrieve my Winlink emails on the go! Great job!”