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Sending and receiving messages.

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When you download a message from a Winlink server, it is no longer accessible. If you are using multiple client applications, the first one to retrieve the message will receive it. To choose which application receives messages, make sure to turn off the auto fetch feature in RadioMail. With auto fetch turned off, RadioMail will only retrieve emails when you initiate a connection. Additionally, in the connection dialog, you can select "Send Only" and RadioMail will only send any outgoing messages during that session. If there are any incoming messages pending on the server, RadioMail will not accept them, so they will be available to retrieve at a later time.


Issues related to connectivity between the iPhone and other equipments.

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If your Mobilinkd does not appear after a few second, it could be due to several factors. First, check that you allowed RadioMail access to Bluetooth. You can verify this in iOS Settings -> RadioMail. Second, make sure that the TNC is turned on and no other applications are connected to it.

No, not directly. An iPhone uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. BLE is a wireless technology that is designed for low-power, low-bandwidth applications. It is often used for devices that need to conserve power, such as fitness trackers and wireless headsets. By contrast, most radios like the TH-D74 use Bluetooth Classic that was designed for high-bandwidth applications, such as streaming audio or video. It is often used for devices that need to transfer large amounts of data quickly, such as smartphones and laptops. Bluetooth Classic and BLE are not directly compatible because they use different technologies and operate on different frequencies. If you're a tinkerer, you can make your own adapter that will bridge the two Bluetooth modes.

VARA modem is a closed-source application that is only available for Windows. It uses a proprietary transmission protocol, which means that other applications can only communicate with VARA stations by connecting to an instance of the VARA software running on a computer.

VARA modem is a closed-source application that is only available for Windows. It uses a proprietary transmission protocol that is not publicly available. Whether or not the maker of the VARA modem will create versions for other platforms is up to them.


Issues specific to the Winlink service.

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No. Most of the forms are not designed to be responsive. This means that they are not able to adjust their layout and appearance to fit different screen sizes. As a result, users may experience difficulty viewing or using the forms on mobile devices, which can make them difficult or impossible to use. In order to provide a consistent and user-friendly experience, it is necessary to use forms that are designed specifically for mobile devices.

At present, the directory only retrieves stations identified with the PUBLIC service code. If you need to connect to a station not present in the directory, you can add it manually.

AX.25 Packet

Specific topics about the AX.25 packet mode.

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Yes. Up to two digipeaters can be configured to be used when connecting to packet or VARA FM stations.

Apple Devices

About iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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Yes, but not optimized. RadioMail has been designed for use on an iPhone. The UI has not been optimized to take advantage of the larger real estate than iPad offer.

No. RadioMail is designed for use on an iPhone.

Other Platforms

Other OS and hardware.

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