Telnet Mode

Connecting via telnet.

RadioMail can connect to other stations using the telnet protocol, on the open internet or via private vpn such as AREDN mesh.

Winlink CMS

By default, RadioMail provides connection information for the Winlink CMS server (WL2K).

The Winlink CMS is the main service that provides a bridge to internet email, APRS, etc. Most gateway stations will eventually interface with the Winlink CMS to backhaul messages for delivery.


RadioMail can connect to other stations that are setup for peer-to-peer.

To connect to a station, follow these steps:

  1. Open the station directory by tapping Stations
  2. Tap Add Station
  3. Enter the p2p station information
  4. Tap Done

In the exchange screen, you can now select the custom station under the Telnet tab.

AREDN post offices

Winlink gateways sometimes expose their post office on the AREDN network. If you know a particular station, you can add it like you would a peer-to-peer.

Additionally, RadioMail can discover AREDN post offices automatically. To scan your AREDN network, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your phone WiFi is connected to an AREDN mesh access point
  2. Tap Settings -> Station Directory
  3. In the AREDN mesh section, tap Refresh Now
  4. Discovered station will now be present in the Station Directory
  5. Go to the Station Directory and favorite your desired station